HariOm Profile

date of birth : 15/8/1958
place of birth : New Delhi [India]
blood type : A
height : 166cm
weight : 68kg
favorite : Yoga & Walking



1976年 India Taj Mahal Hotel joined
1980年 India Taj Palace Hotel employee movement and promotion to chef
1983年 Hong Kong executive chef of Indian restaurant Mayur
1985年 Japan executive chef of Indian restaurant Akubar
1998年 Open own restaurant Indian restaurant RAANi

Taj Palace Hotel Taj Palace Hotel

I cooked meals for very important person when I belonged to Taj Palace Hotel.

  • Prime Minister Indira Gandhi
  • Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi
  • President Giani Zail Singh


It is a proverb of the Hindi word. The meaning is " If you will do good for people, then you will get some happness, If you will do bad thing for people, then you will get some sadness." It's consequence of own deeds. I think I want to do good in my life as much as possible without expecting something in return. I believe God know everything even if nobody know my deeds.


My parents

I learned so much from my parents, and I am so grateful to them.

My teacher

I respect so much my first master Shamlal-ji

Mother Teresa

I respect her so much. I think it was great work to helped a lot of people in spite of coming from foreign country. She teach me truth to her life though. People have different religion and the language. But relationship with person never change for their religion and the language. I want to become a person like mother Teresa.